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Innovation and responsiveness are the hallmarks of our success. For 20 years, these values enable us to be competitive in our achievements.

Comprehensive support

The world of composite materials is extensive with many and varied products. However, it is not as widespread as the world of metals, and there are far fewer technical papers on the subject.

Over the years, our experience has been enhanced, allowing us to bring real expertise to our business. This expertise is not limited to choosing the right material and the right process.

VN Composites has an integrated engineering department equipped with the key tools for designing state of the art composite products. Whether you already ahve experience with composites, or whether it is your first step with these new materials, we can accompany you from the very beginning, the devlopment of the specification and plans to file.

The right tools

A composite design differs on many points from its metal counterpart. Many manufacturers want to move to composites to lower mass. It's important to involve us as early as possible in your projects to make sure the design of your system is compatible with the composite manufacturing processes. Our team masters all the necessary tools for every phase of production:

  • Development of specifications: set up directly with the client, it allows us to identify the smallest details, your needs and requirements in order to achieve an effective result
  • Sizing finite element: we completely handle all of this phase by setting all the parameters of the calculation. Our partners use specialized software such as ABAQUS or NASTRAN. Our team analyzes the results and defines what parameters to modify for future iterations, until a satisfactory model is found.
  • CAD design : VN Composites is equipped with several SOLIDWORKS licenses, a tool adapted to your designs. Our service can include a comprehensive design from specifications previously established with you, or else a summary of an existing design adapted to fit our processes.
  • CAM programming: In a natural continuity of purpose computer files processing, we are equipped with SolidCAM directly integrated into our SOLIDWORKS design tool.

A very responsive multidisciplinary team able to shape your projects, from specification through finished part.


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